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Terms of use.

ronyman.com is a parent website that manage own platform operating and interating to the some legal third parties.By registered on our services, mean you are agreed to follow our rules and obligation as stated in this terms and privacy in our websites. Before use any of our service please read carefully, We would informed each sevice will be dependancy terms and privacy add on, but the global of the terms and conditions will be base on ronyman.com.

Third Parties.

Third parties services is the more concerned for your privacy and data backup. ronyman.com is working with the world reconized internet providers such as google, firebase google, facebook and others found on the website links and intergrating platform inorder to maintain our services stable and reliable.


Payment on ronyman.com and others child companies they are:

  • getweb.dev.
  • ezicom.net.
  • All of them are available services and accept payment only 2 platforms [ Stripe & Papal] T&C supplied to each platform as stated.